NFT Expoverse LA

Friday July 29th 2022
Available on Decentraland From July 29th 8.00 AM (PST) - July 31th 7.00 PM (PST)

At NFT Expoverse, you’ll get a glimpse into a future dominated by technologies that will change our very notion of reality.

Learn about the inevitable widespread impact of NFTs, blockchain, and Web 3.0, while joining a network of visionary artists, tech experts, and entrepreneurs.

Therefore, LA is the perfect venue for NFT Expoverse, an event about the upcoming blockchain revolution.

Organized by RLTY x NFT Expoverse LA

3 livestreams stages (Sapphire, Platinum & Diamond)

NFT Expoverse LA
NFT Expoverse LA
NFT Expoverse LA
NFT Expoverse LA

Curated collection of NFTs

NFT Expoverse LA
NFT Expoverse LA

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