NFT Movie Festival

Friday May 20th 7.00 AM (CET)
Available on Decentraland From May 20th 7.00 AM (CET) - May 20th 7.00 PM (CET)

The 1st NFT Movie Festival - Cannes 2022

The 1st NFT Movie Festival is a one-day event with a rich schedule of speakers and networking. The event will also be live-streamed on Decentraland for any attendees who are unable to reach Cannes, combining high-level offline networking and an all-around metaverse experience.

The 1st NFT Movie Festival aims to bring NFT communities and film investors from around the world together in Cannes for an exchange of ideas and exploring the future of a generational entertainment shift - raising funds and helping attendees make valuable connections is par for the course. The day will be planned with speeches, workshops, networking and NFT auctions.

The event is also bringing together a selection of celebrities and Movie lovers who are interested in the potential of Web 3.0. On top of that, there will be a wide range of information and collaboration from experts in Blockchain & gaming, Defi and the Metaverse.

Organized by RLTY x Wagas Group

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The 1st NFT Movie Festival

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