The Fabricant’s 3-Day #WoWFashion Fest

September 20th 2022
Available on Decentraland From September 20th 5.00 PM (CET) - September 22th 8.00 PM (CET)

Explore the runway at The Fabricant’s 3-Day #WoWFashion Fest

Created in collaboration with RLTY and World of Women

Fashionauts! Welcome to The Fabricant’s #WoWFashion Fest, a three-day event full of exhibitions, meet n greets, wearables and panels all in celebration of our digital fashion collab with World of Women!

We are building an epic and immersive custom space with RLTY where you can explore the celebrations, check out the live DJ sets and meet the material creators and other special guests from the collab.

Get a sneak peek of the calendar of events:

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We’ll see you in the metaverse!
The Fabricant #WoWFashion Fest experience takes place September 20 - September 22.

World of Women NFT Gallery

World of Women NFT Gallery



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