The Metaverse Event Company.

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No-Code Platform For Virtual Event Creators

We are offering easy-to-use tools to launch virtual events in a few clicks. Our tools include: Virtual Lands Access, NFT Tickets, Sales & Marketing Tools, Gamification & Monetisation, 3D Design Library, and Analytics.

Cross platform

Integration To Major Metaverse Platforms

We are platform-agnostic. Our tools integrate with any Blockchain-Based Virtual Worlds such as The SandBox, Decentralands / Vegas City, AlphaVerse, Cryptovoxels, Somnium Space.


Virtual Events in Partnership with Brands

We are partnering with major festivals, artists, art fairs & exhibitions, conferences, fashion shows, luxury brands, corporate, and NFT communities to produce hyper-immersive events in the Metaverse.


Largest Next-Gen Virtual Event Community

We are committed to continuously delivering value for our community through memorable Metaverse experiences. Our ambition is to leverage our community to create the future of web3 Events.

Let's build together for the Metaverse

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NFT Movie Festival

May 20th 7.00 AM (CET)
NFT Movie Festival

NFT Movie Festival

The 1st NFT Movie Festival is a one-day event with a rich schedule of speakers and networking. The event will also be live-streamed on Decentraland for any attendees who are unable to reach Cannes, combining high-level offline networking and an all-around metaverse experience.

Participate to this first time event and choose RLTY instead of reality!

Paris NFT Day

April 12th 8.00AM (CET)
Paris NFT Day

Paris NFT Day

Come and get your free NFT at the entrance, access to all the keynotes on the master stage, and meet with some of our sponsors that will have booths in the metaverse.

Get your NFT ticket now and choose RLTY instead of reality!